Towards a better life for all….

“From dependency to dignity”

Social Care

Dorcas reaches out to the poor and vulnerable by partnering with other
community based charities. We provide basic necessities such as food,
clothing, blankets, household goods and material aid (wheelchairs, adult diapers and medical supplies) to help families get back on their feet. A strong emphasis is placed on the self-esteem and on avoiding reliance upon “charity”.

Emergency Response

Dorcas strives to decrease the impact of small “disasters” (man-made and natural) by providing food, clothing, medical assistance and rehabilitation (including the resettling of those affected by floods and shack fires). We work in close cooperation with the City of Joburg Disaster Unit, emergency services, community organisations, the police, like-minded NGOs and a large group of volunteers.

Food Gardens and
Training Centre

Dorcas is acutely aware of the hardship amongst the poor and of the growing food insecurity in our communities. This goes hand in hand with the breakdown of the social fabric, the loss of family values and increased threat to children. Our gardening project aim not only to teach individuals to garden, but to establish community gardens serving as hubs from which groups of beneficiaries can work together to restore a sense of community-mindedness and self-esteem.

Computer Training

Part of our skills development programme – we teach basic computer skills to the poorest of the poor. This
will enable our beneficiaries to write their own C.V.’s and send or receive emails. Word and Excel is part of
the curriculum.

Soup Kitchen

The Dorcas Soup Kitchen is serving a meal to the unemployed, elderly, homeless, substance abusers, single parents, the working poor, lonely and hungry people of our community.


We feed between a 120 – 140 people on the given dates. Our Soup Kitchen is staffed by volunteers. We serve good soup with buttered bread on the side. Sometimes there is a little gift to be taken away with beneficiaries.

We not only give meals but also provide, warmth, companionship and the shared communal experience of dining with others.

Food is generally donated by individuals and some corporates.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer and or donate some food.

Soup Kitchen  – Times
Monday –  09h00
Wednesday  – 17h00
Friday – 09h00