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Your Support goes a long way!

The Charity Shop

Donate goods to the Charity Shop. Clothing, shoes, household items, electrical goods, books, toys,
furniture, electronic goods, office equipment, school and office stationery, linen, music etc are sold to benefit
Dorcas projects. At Dorcas everything has a value.

Goods Donated

Donate goods and products for redistribution to the poorest of the poor. We provide more than 500 000 meals annually to soup kitchens, feeding schemes, home based care projects, child care centres and victims of disasters.

“If you can donate, we can collect”,
call 011 672 9669 to arrange collection

                        Dorcas Aid

                        Bank Goldman Street Florida
                        Account No: 200645234 (Current Acct)

No 4 Madeline Street, Corner 3rd Avenue (opposite Florida Library) 
PO Box 2546
Corner 3rd Avenue (opposite Florida Library) Florida Hills

Tel: +27 11 672 9669
Facebook: Dorcas Aid South Africa

Non Profit Company: 1996/000166/08
PBO Number: 18/11/13/2498
NPO Number: 1996/00166/08
Level 4 B-BBEE Certificate: EME/12/03/2015/006

Financial Donations

We keep a very small percentage of funds donated for administration and support costs. Our financials are available for inspection and donations are tax deductible (18A Tax Certificate).
PBO Number – 130002498
TAX Number – 9201861649
NPO 012-143

Blue Bucket

Businesses, schools, churches and community groups can collect
non-perishable food and toiletries to fill a “blue bucket” which is
then distributed together with your staff to beneficiaries identified
together with your staff or donors.

CSI Support – Branding

Dorcas welcomes support from CSI sources, companies and organisations and actively seek to establish partnerships in which the brand of the sponsor is used together with the Dorcas identity to raise awareness of our work and our aims. We recognise the importance of company branding and marketing, and strive to build a positive recognition of our organisation, our partners and our sponsors. As an example “Blue Buckets” can be printed with your brand together with ours. Dorcas holds a Level 4 BEE certificate.